This guide is for the general public, potential Instructors and existing Session Leaders  and  Instructors.




6-Day Qigong Instructor Course

The course is in 2 parts


Successful completion of 6-day course leads to:  

Foundation (Probationary) Session Leader Certification

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Successful completion of post course session reflection work leads to:

 Session Leader Certification

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Session Leaders

Choice of two directions

Remain with Academy

Listed on Academy website, continued support and further training.



Not listed on Academy website, no further support or training through the Academy.

Further Training through the Academy

To renew your certificate each year, you need to attend one Shibashi Qigong Refresher Session or any of the further training modules.

We provide training modules which explore the depth of Shibashi Qigong Set 1 which lead to higher certification and additional sets to add variety.

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Shibashi Qigong Private Lesson

On-Line Refresher-1 Hour

For Everyone


A private, on-line, lesson tailored to your individual needs, to refresh your skills, ask questions and revisit movements, from the comfort of your own home.

You can book a private on-line lesson, at any time, for your own development or one lesson can be accepted as your annual CPD requirement.

We can use a variety of on-line media, which will be arranged when you book.



Shibashi Qigong Private Lesson

Face to Face Refresher- 1 Hour

For Everyone

A private lesson, at our studio in Hinckley, tailored to your individual needs, to refresh your skills, ask questions and revisit movements.

You can book a private lesson at any time for your own development or one lesson can be accepted as your annual CPD requirement.


Shibashi Qigong Refresher-1 Day

For Foundation Session Leaders and Session Leaders


For those who do not feel ready to attend further development training modules or learn additional Qigong sets and like to train and learn in a group environment.

 You can attend this day as your annual CPD requirement. 





Advanced Session Leader


Qigong Module B - 2 Days

Rooted stances, spirals, yin/yang hands, exploring the breath and stance leading all movement.


Body Alignment B -2 days

Exploring common posture issues using attendees & volunteers and how to help.


Energy Module B -2 days

Exploring energy & energy field sensitivity and applying knowledge to the 18 Qigong movements.


Session Instructor Certification


Qigong Module C -2 days

Ongoing development sessions for Advanced Session Leaders & Session Instructors,  exploring  techniques, depth and the advanced version of all 18 Qigong movements.



Trainer Certification

Module D

This module is for those who wish to become a 'Trainer' of others, within the Academy and is the first stage of full 'Teacher' certification





Daily Tai Chi Exercises -2 days

21 Movements to loosen the body from top to bottom, includes

‘Tai Chi Walking’


Rehabilitation Adapted Shibashi Qigong Seated- 2 days

Adapting the movements for those who cannot stand but want to regain as much physicality as possible



Six Steps Qigong - 2 days

A short set to detox, working with the seasons and the 5 Elements



Shibashi Qigong Set 2 - 4 days

For Advanced Session Leaders

A set of 18 movements more physically demanding than Set 1



8 Pieces of Brocade - 4 days

For Advanced Session Leaders

An ancient physically & mentally demanding set. Originally designed to keep an army strong and healthy for battle.




A guide for instructors and for the general public

Foundation Session Leader

A Foundation Session Leader is a probationary Instructor who has successfully completed the Shibashi Training Academy Qigong Instructor 6-day course and is undertaking the required post course training to gain full certification.

The Foundation Session Leader Certificate is valid for 6 months and replaced with a Session Leader certificiate which is valid for 12 months, once post work is completed.

The Foundation Session Leader certificate will expire after 6 months expires if the post course work is not completed successfully.

Post Course work: Deliver a minimum of 6 Qigong sessions and provide reflections, we give feedback and support after each reflection helping you to develop as a Session Leader.



Session Leader

A Session Leader has successfully completed the Shibashi Training Academy Shibashi Qigong Instructor course and the post course session reflection training.

Certificates are issued for 12 months. Attendance of a minimum of one Shibashi Training Academy training day is required each year.

We offer support to guide each individual Session Leader to the further training that is right for them, please ask.




Advanced Session Leader

An Advanced Session Leader has gained experience in leading Shibashi Qigong sessions and has undertaken the further training  modules, Shibashi Qigong module B, Body Alignment Module B and Energy Module B, to enhance their knowledge and understanding.


Session Instructor

A Session Instructor has gained considerable experience in leading Shibashi Qigong sessions and has successfully completed the, Shibashi Qigong Module C, by fully incorporating the advanced training into their practice and is able to deliver the full depth and range of the Shibashi Qigong movements.




​ Trainer

Shibashi Qigong Module D will provide the training necessary for Session Leaders and Advanced Session Leaders who wish to become Trainers within the Shibashi Training Academy, to deliver the 6-day Qigong Instructor course to others. This is also the first step for those who wish to gain full Teacher Certification.






The main focus of Qigong sessions, in the way they are delivered by Shibashi Training Academy Session Leaders,  is relief from stress, relaxation and providing a gentle but effective form of exercise, which may also help to improve well-being, balance and confidence.

All sessions led by our Session Leaders will cover the 19 movements based on the Shibashi Qigong set 1. They will not normally be adapted to suit any particular physical disability but delivered in a way that allows people of all ages and  abilities to move ta their own pace and within their nown ability. Those attending should be aware that they will not receive any individual or specialist advice or help in respect of any pre-existing physical condition they may have.

Our session leaders will offer general guidelines on posture, the extent of movements, and breathing to the movements but are not able to modify movements to suit the needs of any individual. Having said that, the set is suitable for everyone regardless of physical health provided that the session ' Golden Guidelines' are adhered to.


  • Do only what is comfortable


  • Do not do anything that hurts or causes pain


  • Stop if there is any pain or discomfort. Rest or sit down at any time and join in again if and when you feel ready


  • Do not worry about getting the moves right. You cannot get Qigong wrong. If there is no pain then it is right, no matter what your arms and legs are doing!


  • Breathe in a way that feels comfortable to you and breathe normally if you can’t match the breath to the movements


  • Relax and enjoy the session