Tai Chi Form Module

This training module is open to instructors who have already learned the Tai Chi Form by attending classes or workshops and wish to obtain a certificate as an instructor to deliver the Form in their sessions.



Dates are arranged at adhoc times around those who wish to obtain this certification. Please contact us if you wish to attend.



The Shibashi Training Academy, 3 The Horsefair, HincKley, LE10 0AN

What is a Tai Chi Form?

A Tai Chi Form is a series of steps or movements like a dance.


The Lee Family Tai Chi Short Form has 50 steps and 15 sequences.

The Lee Family Long Form has 140 steps.


It can take years to learn the full Form.

This 'Instructor' training module is only open to those who have already learned the Lee Family Tai Chi Form, by attending classes or similar, and wish to deliver it in their own sessions.

The training module will work with the individual instructors who attend to explore more depth behind the movements but also ways to deliver the Form safely within sessions.


If you would like to attend this training then please contact us to book of dates provided or to arrange alternative dates.

Once dates have been agreed, you will be asked to pay non-refundable deposit with the remaining balance to be paid 30 days before the start date.


To pay or to see our cancellation policy please click here