Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi Instructor Course

Certification to lead your own Qigong sessions

This course adheres to the guidelines set out by the National Occupational Standards and the Regulated Qualifications Framework (NQF) for Tai Chi Qigong
Endorsed by PD:Approval for CPD in respect of members of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS)
Complementary Medical Association Accredited Training Course
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The Course

  • Detailed practical exploration of a 18 Qigong movement set


  • Introduction to Posture, Body Alignment & Stance Structure

  • Learning to harmoise the breath, body and mind

  • Introduction to Qi Energy in relation to Qigong 

  • Exploration of the essence of Qigong as moving meditation


  • How to deliver and lead effective sessions


  • Essentials such as insurance & developing your own sessions​


  • Comprehensive course materials including, training manual & video

  • One to one private, on-line, tuition & support between course days

The course is run over 6 days, usually spread over 3 non-consecutive weekends,

in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

On successful completion of the course you will become a qualified Session Leader of an 18 movement Qigong set, based on the Shibashi Qigong Set 1, which is the basis for a 45 minute to 1 hour session. To see our Instructor certification levels please click here


This is an intensive course which requires a great deal of commitment to practicing the movements every day, not only on the 6 course days themselves but also during the intervening days and weeks. Video support material is provided.


The foundation and essence of each movement will be explored during the six days. Practical and theory sessions will cover body alignment, stances, breathing techniques, energy, an introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine relating to Qigong, instructing theory, instructor practice and the setting up and running of your own sessions.


This course does not cover the 'martial' or self-defence aspect of Tai Chi Qigong, and concentrates only on the health and relaxation benefits.


Student numbers will be restricted to enable the teaching to be tailored to individual needs. There will be between 6-8 learners on each course.

On successful completion of the course you will be issued with a Foundation Session Leader, instructor certificate, valid for 6 months, which will allow you to obtain insurance cover to start your own class or sessions. A higher level certificate will be issued after the successful completion of post course case study work.

As at April 2020 the cost of the course is £695


Who is this course for?


This course is open to everyone, from complete beginners to those with years of experience of various styles of Tai Chi or indeed, any form of Martial Arts, who would like to establish their own Tai Chi Qigong sessions to improve health, relaxation and well-being of others.


Reiki Healers, Reflexologists and other Holistic Therapists, Yoga and Pilates teachers, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors will find that Qigong complements what they already offer their clients and may well find that they already possess many of the skills needed to learn and teach Qigong effectively.

Fitness professionals,  who are on the Register of Exercise Professionals, can complete this endorsed course as part of their ongoing development,

earning 16 CPD points.

Tai Chi Qigong, practiced as a health art, is becoming more in demand as people are being made aware through TV, radio and newspaper articles that it is excellent way to reduce stress levels and relax the mind and body whilst improving and maintaining mobility in the joints and muscles


It is deeply rewarding for those who practice it regularly

Completing this course will improve your own health and well-being as well as helping to spread the health benefits to others


Course Dates & Times

The course starts at 10am each day and finishes at 5pm

There are only 6 places available on each course

Summer 2020



11 & 12 July 2020

25 & 26 July 2020

15 & 16 August 2020

Please ask us for more information

Autumn 2020

We may run this course but are

following Government Guidleines

24 & 25 October 2020

7 & 8 November 2020

28 & 29 November 2020

6 places available


Winter 2021

9 & 10 January 2021

23 & 24 January 2021

13 & 14 February 2021

6 places available


Summer 2021

10 & 11 July 2021

24 & 25 July 2021

14 & 15 August 2021

6 places available

Autumn 2021

23 & 24 October 2021

6 & 7 November 2021

27 & 28 November 2021

6 places available



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You can read more information about the course here

Frequently asked Questions here

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The Shibashi Training Academy

3, The Horsefair



 LE10 0AN



By Car

Hinckley is ideally situated off the A5 in the Midlands and can also be accessed from M6, M69 if travelling via Birmingham, or the M1 and M69 if travelling via Leicester

By Rail

Hinckley railway station is 5 minutes drive or  15-20 minutes walking distance from The Shibashi Training Academy.

Where to Stay?

There are several B&B's and hotels in Hinckley to choose from. Please contact us if you would like information about local accommodation.

Frequenty Asked Questions


What on-going support will I receive?

In addition to the further training modules that we run through the year, we are here to support you via email, social networks, by phone as needed. Your contact details and will also be listed on our website, so you can be recognised as a trained and qualified Session Leader.



Will I be able to learn & offer more than the 18 Movement Qigong Set?

Yes, the 6-day Qigong course is the initial qualification. You can attend other training modules to learn other Qigong sets and/or explore Qigong deeper to gain  higher levels of certificatation.

To see the further training modules click here

To see the certification levels please click here. 



Will I need Insurance?

You should be insurured to lead your own sessions. We do not sell or provide insurance but we will discuss the options available to you during the course. If you an existing heath professional or therapist you may be able to add Qigong to your existing policy.


What they said about our course ......

We try to adapt throughout each course, to accommodate the training needs of those attending, but we also ask for feedback on the last day. We need to know what the instructors experienced, so we can continue to evolve to meet the demands of this ever changing world.

We asked for their overall impression of the course..........

Without a doubt the most informative, well run, course I've been on since 2005. I am on a lot of courses being a teacher and tennis coach. (Aug 2019)

Very supportive throughout the course. Excellent. Very well balanced theory and practical. Constructive feedback. Thank you (Aug 2019)

The whole course has gone above and beyond my expectations. Thank you Debbie & Mark (Aug 2019)



Very good (Feb 2019)Best course I have ever been on! You are treasures. Loved the goodies too- wonderful hospitality- made the long journey up from London. slip by as I came in (Feb 2019)

Very good and very thorough for the stage we are at (Feb 2019)

One of the best courses I have been on and I have learned a great deal from it. (Feb 2019)

Taught with passion and a great deal of care, instilling confidence and a lot of knowledge. I've loved every moment & thank you so much (Feb 2019)

Extremely well planned and thought through. Professional. Would absolutely recommend. (Feb 2019)

A brilliant course, thoroughly enjoyable, hard work and rewarding. The sense of team spirit was a bonus that was unexpected.

A joyous way to learn, deepen and experience. (Aug 2017)

A good standard to training, and desire to teach good standards to others.(Aug 2017)

Very clear and professional with high standards throughout. Also welcoming and thoughtful. (Aug 2017)

The most well planned researched and designed to be recognised outside of Tai Chi Chuan/Qigong I've ever been on. Looking forward to continued learning and development with Debbie and Mark, thank you. (Aug 2017)

I really enjoyed it, a lovely group as well, very supported and nurtured throughout.(Aug 2017)

It has been a wonderful experience and I have really enjoyed it. (Nov 2017)

Very good. Better that I ever thought it would be. Looking forward to getting going with my clients. (Nov 2017)

Excellent, Extremely professional organisation. Very supportive tutors delivering the course (Nov 2017)

Fantastic course learn so much. Tutors very nurturing & supportive, all excellent. (Nov 2017)

Excellent (Feb 2018)

Thoroughly Enjoyable at just the right pace with great support and with clear information (Feb 2018)

Thoroughly enjoyed, I'll be back for other modules (Feb 2018)

Ticks all of the boxes. Thank you (Feb 2018)

Excellent - a fantastic course done by lovely instructors. Both Debbie and Mark have been great. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn. (Feb 2018) 

What they said about our venue and resources.............

The venue was excellent and ideal to deliver the training. The resources were of the highest quality. (Feb 2019)

Very good (Feb 2019)

Easy to find with easy parking nearby. All needs met. Couldn't have asked for more. Abundance of food/snacks and drinks available all day. (Feb 2019)

Very Good (Feb 2019)

Perfect (Feb 2019)

Great venue, lovely space, easy to find and get to, facilities good- more nibbles than we could possibly finish off.(Aug 2017)

Venue brilliant. Lovely feeling of space and air. Neither too bog or too small. Generous amount of supporting material, very useful for between training days. DVD and online excellent and clear. Very comprehensive.(Aug 2017)

Nice airy room. Very comfortable and relaxing for Qigong. Great to have tea making and generous amounts of biscuits etc.(Aug 2017)

The venue is lovely and a lovely space, very appropriate for the Qigong classes. Thank you for all of the tea and biscuits, much needed when the sugar rush started!(Aug 2017)

Lovely venue and I really appreciate the wonderful drinks and snacks. (Nov 2017)

Very Good. Everything we needed from food (snacks) drinks, space to move.(Nov 2017)

Totally appropriate venue and setting. (Nov 2017)

Great Space, fantastic file full of info. (Nov 2017)

A lovely room with lovely energy. We had everything we needed of resources.(Nov 2017)

The venue was calm and peaceful. It was very clean. Plenty of drinks and snacks provided. Great course material (Feb 2018)

A pleasant venue, comfortable, warm, with good parking facility, near shopping area for lunch etc. All provisions provided to create a good learning environment (Feb 2018)

Calming venue, with good facilities. Folders were well organised. (Feb 2018)

Not many places provide drinks, snacks and parking (Feb 2018)

Fantastic, resources venue, all great (Feb 2018)

We asked:

"To what extent did the course meet your training needs?" 

It has exceeded all of my needs as the content was clear and in depth to a level I fully understood (Aug 2019)

The training has  excellent for my own practice and helping me understand the importance of working to your own body, softening movements and feeling relaxed with breath (Aug 2019)



Very good (Feb 2019)

Above and beyond (Feb 2019)

The training was delivered at exactly the right level and pace (Feb 2019)

Very Good (Feb 2019)

Comprehensive with just enough of everything plus some extras that this group was keen to hear and tailored to our backgrounds (Feb 2019)

Content and training was fine, there was enough information for practice and study.(Aug 2017)

The course covered all requirements. The level of work was set hard enough to be challenging but not overwhelming. There was a good balance between practical and theoretical.(Aug 2017)

Exceeded expectations and needs. (Aug 2017)

Very good experienced tutors in the subject, able to combine knowledge, experience and able to demonstrate the subject as a way of life also.(Aug 2017)

Just what I was looking for. Standards very high. Like the precise posture requirements and constant corrections as these are very much required.(Aug 2017)

Mark and Debbie made the training fit our group dynamics and questions (Nov 2017)

Excellent training. Very thorough info and supportive (Nov 2017)

100% (Nov 2017)

Met all my needs. Above and beyond (Nov 2017)

It was everything I needed (Nov 2017)

All my needs were met without any concern (Feb 2018)

Spending time one each movements, and learning more about the history of Tai Chi and Qigong (Feb 2018)

Learnt a lot about the set movements and mostly about the energy and how to deliver a safe set. (Feb 2018)

The content & training has met my needs to enable me to form a basis to set up my own sessions in the near future(Feb 2018)

The content of the course and the training was excellent. I feel I have been given everything I need to run my own sessions. (Feb 2018)

We asked:

"What parts of the course did you learn from most?" 

With  excellent ratio of 2:6 individual practice could be easily corrected along the way. Hing 2 people leading the course ave us 2 different approaches (Feb 2019)

The energy work (Feb 2019)

I think the learning was continual throughout the course (Feb 2019)

Practical & tutorial equally great (Feb 2019)

Practical exercises! Especially one on one personal advice and suggestions for corrections. As nerve wracking as it was, getting up in front of people and being able to make mistakes in a safe environment.

Being able to ask questions at y point. (Feb 2019)

Face to face practical. Great to have two teachers, Very pleased with physical correction given.(Aug 2017)

The Form, learning the sequence, the names and also recognising the things I need to work on myself. It has given me confidence to stand in front of a class.(Aug 2017)

The practical sessions, going through the movements in depth was particularly helpful (I like detail) I learned particularly from the teachers, (obvious) who had good confidence, patience and superb knowledge and enthusiasm for making the sessions informative & enjoyable.(Aug 2017)

All of it. I know that sounds vague but I needed the structure of this course to bring the precision and focus of the soup of all my previous experience.(Aug 2017)

The practical associated with the theory knowledge.(Aug 2017)

Posture and energy (Nov 2017)

Understanding yin and yang, connecting the energy. Loved the energy work- improving my posture (Nov 2017)

All of the course, excellent! Truly Amazing (Nov 2017)

All of it was relevant, like the personal body alignment tuition/guidance (Nov 2017)

I learnt something every single day! I enjoyed the energy work the most. Its been so much more than learning a qigong set! (Nov 2017)

The practical training, positions, body posture and movements.(Feb 2018)

The Movements. Energy Sensitivity Exercises (Feb 2018)

The energy work and the Jing, Qi, Shen. Thoroughly enjoyed this (Feb 2018)

Practical. I learn by doing, this course suited me well (Feb 2018)

The Movements, much more user friendly than what I have learned at work (Feb 2018)

We asked:

"What parts of the course could be improved?" 

None (Feb 2019)

Can't think of any (Feb 2019)

There are no areas that need improvement. All objectives were met and then some (Feb 2019)

Nothing that I can think of (Feb 2019)

None- honestly! (Feb 2019)

Can't think of anything.(Aug 2017)

The weather! The Roosters behavior! Otherwise all v.excellent.(Aug 2017)

(The Shibashi Training Academy add: The Rooster is our Chinese year of the Rooster beanie)

Can't think of anything, so all good.(Aug 2017)

Nothing I can think of.(Aug 2017)

Perhaps more DVD's but not a must.(Aug 2017)

None! (Nov 2017)

None (Nov 2017)

None (Nov 2017)

Nothing (Nov 2017)

Personally nothing for me None (Nov 2017)


I would like to have learned more perhaps on understanding the Dantiens and energy connection of yin and yang (Feb 2018)

None (Feb 2018)

None, was all very good (Feb 2018)

It met my expectations (Feb 2018)

None (Feb 2018)