Tai Chi Fan Form Module

This training module is open to instructors who have already learned the Tai Chi Fan Form by attending classes or workshops and wish to obtain a certificate as an instructor to deliver the form in their sessions.



Dates are arranged at adhoc times around those who wish to obtain this certification.


To see if a date is in the training diary and the availability of places, please click here



The Shibashi Training Academy, 3 The Horsefair, HincKley, LE10 0AN

1 Day, £80

1/2 Day £40

2 Hour £25


Fans will be provided for your training

What is a Tai Chi Form?

A Tai Chi Form is a series of steps or movements like a dance.

What is a Fan Form?

A Fan Form is a series of movement, like a dance, similar to a traditional Tai Chi Form but using a Fan and applying different techniques with the fan in an open and closed position.

The benefits of using a Fan are improved dexterity, balance, coordination and an increase in mind-body connection.



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