Six Steps Qigong Module

2 Days: £160

10am to 5pm

Venue: 3 The Horsefair, Hinckley, LE10 0AN

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The Six Steps Qigong Set is specifically designed to improve well-being as well as taking the body through a gentle detoxification process.

The 6 movements work and support each organ, in Traditional Chinese Medicine terms, to  help to improve efficiency.


Lungs may breath deeper, the heart may beat under less stress, the digestive system may function more efficiently. Other areas such as the reproductive system, may become more balanced through all stages of the life cycle. Skin may begin to glow and the eyes sparkle.


Having only 6 movements, it is easy to remember!

This short set is a useful addition to the 18 Qigong Movement, when time is restricted or attendees are unable to cope with a longer set.

The six movements can be practiced individually and do not need to be part of a set.

During the 2 day training:

 The six movements are explored individually in depth so that instructors can suggest individual movements to attendees or clients, to be practiced at home, who may need to boost specific health areas.

Delivery practice will form part of the training as this brings a deeper understanding.

A Session Leader certificate will be issued on successful completion of the module 

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