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Shibashi Training Academy

Qigong Module B

2 Days. 10am to 5pm £160

Venue: The Shibashi Training Academy, 3 The Horsefair, Hinckley, LE10 0AN

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The training within this module, along with Energy Module B and Body Alignment Module B result in Advanced Session Leader certification.


During the initial instructor course we introduce the stances, principles, body alignment, breath and energy for  a 18 movements Qigong Set, based on the Shibashi Qigong Set 1. However, the main emphasis of the course was for the instructor to become familiar with the essence of each of the Qigong movements and how to adapt and deliver a safe set to people of all ages and abilities who wish to de-stress and relax. 

Once an instructor feels comfortable and familiar with all of the 19 Qigong movements in this set then the next level of understanding can be introduced.


Shibashi Training Academy Qigong Module B explores the true nature of Tai Chi Qigong, how the breath and tantien lead to create movement which connects the whole body so that the breath, body and mind harmonise in true moving meditation.

This module is powerful energetically but also takes the physical aspects to a deeper level to develop control, stamina, muscle strength and flexibility while applying all of the usual Tai Chi Qigong principles such as moving softly. 

The aim of the initial instructor course is to deliver a Qigong session to help  people to relax and generally feel better but Module B is aimed at those who want to improve their physical body, open their energy channels, explore moving meditation to find inner peace. 


In this module we explore:

*The transitions between the 18 Shibashi movements

*The strength of rooted but relaxed stances

The yin and yang palm positions.

* The unification of breath, body and mind and how the breath leads the movements.

Instructors can repeat this training module as many times as the wish and each repetition will also count as part of their annual further training requirement.

What the Instructors said about this training module 

The Suitability of the Venue

Very Good 


Very good, snacks are brill. Facilities great 

To what extent did the course and content meet your training needs?

Brilliant, Further my own training and eventually with my customers 

My needs have been met. I have deepened my understanding of the moves 

Fully. I need to practice the techniques 

Surprised my expectations. Fantastic content to help me continue to grow and develop 

Very Good 

What parts of  the course did you learn most from?

Was all overall 

All! Personally found it really useful to be able to watch how the moves should be performed and then receive tweaks to my own 

The grounding techniques as well as the transitions 

The transition between movements- finding the best way 

All of it. How much will I retain? ha ha 

What parts of  the course could be improved?


I can't think of any 

None I can think of 


What is your overall impression of the course?

Very Good

Very Good 

Very well run and structured. Challenging but very worthwhile and has given me better depth of knowledge 

The level of teaching is excellent. The course requires a lot of effort and is a great balance of physical and mental 

Brilliant. Helped to improve my knowledge and posture 



Shibashi Training Academy Qigong

Qigong Module C


Ongoing Qigong Training For Advanced Session Leaders & Session Instructors who have already completed

Qigong Module B,  Energy Module B and Body Alignment Module B


2 Days. 10am to 5pm £160


The Shibashi Training Academy, 3 The Horsefair, Hinckley, LE10 0AN

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Ongoing Qigong training for Advanced Session Leaders and Session Instructors

This training module brings together all of the concepts from the Qigong Module B,  Energy Module B and Body Alignment Module B and builds that knowledge to explore deeper levels and detailed adjustments that can only be understood once this level of training has been reached.

All Advanced Session Leaders are welcome to attend this module to gain the further knowledge for their own training, however only those who are delivering regular session will be able to be assessed to gain higher certification.

Attending this module is an opportunity to train at a higher level with colleagues of a similar standard. 

Session Instructor higher certification will be awarded once the knowledge, concepts and understanding can be demonstrated as being integrated into daily practices. 

Those successfully completing this module can apply to attend the Trainer modules to be able to deliver the 6-day Session Leader course on behalf of the Shibashi Training Academy.

Qigong Module C:

1. Revisit & combine the concepts of Qigong Module B, Body Alignment Module B and Energy Module B.

2. Revisit the application of the eyes within each of the Movements, which was first introduced during the initial 6 day instructor course.

3. Application of the 3 Bows and exploring how the whole body and breath is connected.

4. Explore Yin & Yang within the transitions between the movements.

5. Explore Yin & Yang within the transitions between the breath.

6. Explore Emptiness & Fullness, Expansion & Contraction of the physical body during each of the 18 movements.

7. Explore Emptiness & Fullness, Expansion & Contraction of the breath during each of the  movements.

8. Explore the theory of the 5 Elements, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire & Earth.

9. Explore the physical application of the 5 Elements and their role within the 18 Movements.

10. Explore the full physical range of the Qigong Movements.

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Shibashi Training Academy

Qigong Module D


For Session Instructors who wish to be able to train others, delivering the 6-day instrcuotor course to others on behalf of the Shibashi Training Academy.


Please ask if you would like to be considered for this training