This training is about adapting and delivering the 18 Qigong movements to those who may need to sit for some or all of the session, while they recover from illness, accidents, fatigue or life exhaustion.

The health benefits of the movements are explored in depth.



2 Days, £160


3 The Horsefair, Hinckley, LE10 0AN

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As the word spreads, regarding the benefits of regular practice of Qigong, it is no wonder that some GP's now recommend it and some NHS Trusts offer sessions to their patients.

Qigong is an ancient health art but there has never been a time in its history where people, with limited experience of qigong and its background culture, decide to learn at later stages in life and some with health problems.

Originally this art was taught to people at a very young age so health was maintained. If and when they become unwell or injured they would have had years of previous experience, practice and knowledge and know how to adapt the qigong movements to suit their condition. Traditional teaching methods were never needed to be questioned.

In modern day Western life, where we are living longer, people with limited or no experience are turning to learn this ancient health art to experience the benefits. Unfortunately, many already have health issues and/or joint discomfort.

The traditional methods of teaching this ancient health art are no longer suitable.

From many years of experience and working with people of all ages and abilities we have adapted our teaching methods so that the people who attend our sessions gain the maximum benefits from the movements. We have maintained all of the traditional principles but have made the knowledge accessible and applicable to modern people who live in a modern world and have limited experience or understanding of Qigong.

A seated Qigong set is not an easy or 'lazy' option. Those willing to practice may achieve great health rewards, giving them access to more independence and a fuller life. It is not only the elderly who may benefit. Accidents, injury and illness happen to people of all ages.


Training Module Information

During the two module training days we will revisit the health benefits of each of the 18 Qigong movements and how those benefits are achieved from the traditional standing positions. We will then explore how to achieve those benefits from a sitting position. Not all of the benefits are possible while in a sitting position but many can be achieved by using the body correctly. 


This Shibashi Training Academy  Qigong Instructor further training module will cover working with the elderly, people recovering from illness or operations and/or those who are unable to stand. You will be given the knowledge and instruction to demonstrate to people how to do the movements seated to help them improve their health. Helping you to explain to others as well as gaining deeper understanding for yourself. We look at correct seated posture to assist the body joints and functions but then explore how that can be achieved as people and chairs come in different shapes and sizes!

This module will NOT qualify you to work 'hands on' nor do we claim that the individuals ailments will be 'healed'. However, by explaining to those seated how to move properly you may find many conditions are eased, improved or eradicated.




What the instructors said about this training module.

We asked................

To what extent did the content and training meet your needs?

Very good to go over the movements in more details and do some refining 

I now feel confident in delivering the set to people with restricted abilities 

It met all my needs for the work I will do with the seated set 

I think I will be able to use this method with my ideas

Rated 'very good'

What parts of the module did you learn most from?

How to adapt the movements to sitting down and having to change vocabulary especially side to side stances, not the same as standing stance. 

It was all informative but the recovering the standing movements to a deeper level and understanding was very good 

Looking in depth at each movement served as a good reminder of the set 

All of it. Good to go over all the moves and to learn more in depth and how to adapt for seated 

To be honest all. I also feel that doing the seated moves will improve my standing moves 

The suitability of the venue and resources?

* Note from us: The toilet for our previous venue was in the adjacent building!

New venue is great, having indoor loo a bonus! :) Plenty of refreshments, felt very looked after 

Excellent, comfortable venue 

Great to have separate areas and a toilet indoors 

Very good, new facilities are excellent 

The venue was great 

What parts of the training module could be improved?

 Can't think of anything  

None come to mind 


I can't think of anything else. The level was suitable for me. The pace was right 


What is your overall impression of the course?

Very good and very thorough 

I would recommend this course to all instructors 

Great course, loved it 

Very well delivered, professional and highly credible teachers. Thank you