2 Days, £160

10am to 5pm

Venue: 3 The Horsefair, Hinckley, LE10 0AN

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The daily Tai Chi Exercises are also known as Chinese Yoga.

The body is moved gently and constantly, without stress or strain, without pushing, holding or pausing in any position.  


These exercises, or movements, open the joints in the body and relax the tendons. Ideally they should be performed every morning to ease the body into the day, and indeed can be done throughout the day for those who have limited movement.


As always, it is the way the movements are performed that creates the maximum benefit. This module teaches the movements, the health benefits and the correct way each exercise should be performed. We highlight common errors so that you can easily spot problems within your sessions.



What they said about this training:


To what extent did the content and raining meet your needs?

Yes completely met expectations. Another good course 

Was unsure what to expect but it exceeded what I thought I was getting! 

Over & Above (as always!)

The content and training met my needs 

As always the content and training was perfect 

Completely and more 

What parts of the module did you learn most from?

Adding the depth to the moves, understanding when they are relevant, how to introduce them, additional options to give 'added value' for me & for participants when they are ready

I learnt a lot over the weekend. Being given different options to incorporate the exercises was good, Light bulb moments as always 

I learned the individual depth of each movement which Shibashi move some related to 

All of it! 

Re-establishing my 'baseline', learning to separate the different parts of the body & work on them in isolation when needed. 

All of it. Really loved 'Presenting the Peach' and 'Four Directional Breathing 

What did you not enjoy or find relevant and why?

It was all relevant 

I thought it was all relevant and enjoyed it all 

Enjoyed it all, hard work but rewarding

Can't think of anything


What parts of the module could be improved?




Again, I cant think of anything

Please write any other comments or suggestions that you feel are relevant


Didn't realise how much more depth there could be compared to just watching the DVD - so really enjoyed the training module and felt like I have learned lots


I really like the flexibility that these exercises offer. I am looking forward to offering variety within my sessions 

Very informative as always. Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Thank you

I loved seeing how we could make this relevant to our sessions and learning a deeper level