8 Pieces of the Brocade

Ba Duan Jin

Qigong Set

4 days, £320

10am to 5pm


3 The Horsefair, Hinckley, LE10 0AN

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8 Pieces of the Brocade, also known as Ba Duan Jin, was created around 1140 AD, during the Song dynasty, by the army general Marshal Yue Fei to keep his soldiers strong and in good shape for harsh, long battles.

Ba Duan Jin has a written history of over 800 years.  During this period of time, many modifications and innovations have been added to the original form. 


During this module we will explore the essence and principles behind the movements, or pieces, and look at some of the variations so we can understand how and why they developed. We will use the translations of the original verses  for each movement so we can get to the heart of each 'piece'.


This set is physically demanding and contains complex techniques.

The information delivered, practically and theoretically, within this module will complement and enhance what you have already learned in previous Qigong instructor courses and modules, developing your understanding to a deeper level.

The First Weekend

During the first weekend we will revisit the 18 Qigong movements then move on to explore the 8 Pieces of Brocade. As some session leaders already have some experience of 8 Pieces of Brocade we aim to explore the variety of movements practiced and consider the reasons why these variations exist, although we may never know!



After the First Weekend

After the first weekend training module we ask that you practice the new set every day, applying the principles that you will be taught. During your practice, we also ask that you consider who will benefit from this set and how you would deliver it safely.


We also suggest that you deliver a set to some willing, suitable, volunteers before you attend the second weekend. A delivery practice will give you a great insight into the movements but also help you gain more from the second weekend training.


We ask that you make a note of all of the questions, that are raising during your daily practice and your trial delivery session, and bring them to the final training weekend.



The Second Weekend

When you return for the second weekend your body and understanding will have changed. We aim answer all of your questions and explore the movements in more detail.

We will discuss the delivery a set to others and the difference between that and doing the set for you.




Those who have understood the essence and complexities of the 8 Pieces of Brocade and are able to demonstrate safe and appropriate delivery will be awarded a certificate.

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